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Biblical Spirituality in Sion

Our biblical spirituality in Sion is based on the daily study of the Word of God, a study  enlightened by the Jewish Tradition because it was to the Jewish People that God spoke to first. This spirituality should be shared with others: associates, friends and all those who thirst for the Word (Constitutions)

ein_kerem_parashaIn Ein Karem we try to study the Word of God regularly together: apostolic sisters, brothers, associates, occasionally novices and volunteers when the language permits. – Read the rest

Ein Karem hill

News from Ein Karem April – May 2014

On Monday, April 28, we began a series of celebrations for the bicentenary of Father Marie’s birth: a round table discussion at Ratisbonne, in which Elio, Olivier Rota, a historian who has already written a lot about Sion, and Emmanuelle Main, a friend of Sion who is also a historian, took part. – Read the rest

The life of our communities in Ein Kerem

Cema and LucianoYou heard probably that our three communities welcomed a couple associated to the brothers of Sion: Luciano and Cema (Luciano has already been with us 9 months and Cema 4 months)
Luciano is a permanent deacon and serves as such in our liturgies. He loves to work in the garden and is very competent for all kind of works in the house. – Read the rest