Biblical Spirituality in Sion

Our biblical spirituality in Sion is based on the daily study of the Word of God, a study  enlightened by the Jewish Tradition because it was to the Jewish People that God spoke to first. This spirituality should be shared with others: associates, friends and all those who thirst for the Word (Constitutions)

ein_kerem_parashaIn Ein Karem we try to study the Word of God regularly together: apostolic sisters, brothers, associates, occasionally novices and volunteers when the language permits. A small group meets every Friday to study the Portion of the week. In this way, we appreciate reading all the Pentateuch without leaving out any portion. We also study in twos according to the desires and needs of brothers, sisters, and volunteers. When there is a Jewish or a Christian feast we meet together so as to deepen its meaning through the Scriptures. Often the novices join us on these occasions. Thus we have explored the Biblical and Jewish background of Mary’s visit to Elizabeth. The theme of haste, so well developed in the Midrash, clarifies the multiple dimensions of Mary’s haste. The dialogue between the children in the womb of their mothers is deeply enriched by the Jewish commentaries on the passage of the sea with the Canticle of Moses: even the embryos recognized the Shekina and said: ”It is my God”.

shavuot_kibbutzThe Eve of Shavuot, we studied this feast in link with Pentecost: gift of the Torah, gift of the Spirit, Sinai and Sion. On the Feast of Shavuot, before dawn, some of us went to the Western Wall to end of the night of Tikkun. In the afternoon 19 of us shared Agricultural aspect of Shavuot in a Kibbutz where we were welcomed by a friend with whom I share a long and beautiful history. This time together, around the Word of God, inspired by our charism, unites us, stimulates us and gives us joy.

Sr. Anne Catherine Avril NDS