Author: Kasia

Interfaith Life in Aubagne

pique_nique_01This year 2014 started well with the performance of “Pierre et Mohamed”. More than 250 people of all religions responded to our group’s invitation and listened in eloquent silence to the beautiful dialogue between the Bishop of Oran and his young chauffeur. – Read the rest

News of Gemenos May – June 2014

repas_sionHere are some news of Gemenos that we would like to share with you. Since the installation of our chapel and the inauguration of the beautiful stained – glass window, given by Sion to Flor d’Arc, we have the Eucharist three times a week. The other days we go to the Parish. – Read the rest

Biblical Spirituality in Sion

Our biblical spirituality in Sion is based on the daily study of the Word of God, a study  enlightened by the Jewish Tradition because it was to the Jewish People that God spoke to first. This spirituality should be shared with others: associates, friends and all those who thirst for the Word (Constitutions)

ein_kerem_parashaIn Ein Karem we try to study the Word of God regularly together: apostolic sisters, brothers, associates, occasionally novices and volunteers when the language permits. – Read the rest

Ein Karem hill

News from Ein Karem April – May 2014

On Monday, April 28, we began a series of celebrations for the bicentenary of Father Marie’s birth: a round table discussion at Ratisbonne, in which Elio, Olivier Rota, a historian who has already written a lot about Sion, and Emmanuelle Main, a friend of Sion who is also a historian, took part. – Read the rest