AubagneIn this small city with 50,000 inhabitants, there are many possibilities to live our charism and to make it known.

 An interfaith and non-believing group:

Every month, this group, which was set up during the Year of the Bible in 2003, brings together Catholics, Reform Church Protestants, Evangelicals and Pentecostals, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and non-believers.

 Its aim is double:

  • to get to know one another better and to understand the Faith that gives the other life. For this, the members share with one another, they visit the different places of worship, they take part in the various religious feasts;
  •  to carry out activities together, especially regarding young people, for example a photomontage and guided visits to exhibits (Martin Luther King, the Righteous of France, Abraham, the Seven Sleepers)…, organizing conferences (genetics and fatality, Sufism), showing films (“d’une seule voix” [“with one voice”], plays (Job or the Wandering of the Righteous, God of Goodness), etc. Each time, there is a conversation with the speakers and actors and a presentation with discussion for high school students. Every year we take part in the Feast of Peace (in September) and a picnic (in May), which attracts up to 150 or 200 persons and gives the opportunity for sharing in groups on various themes. In February, a larger group gathers for half a day to share in groups and to reflect together on themes such as evil and suffering, what is God for me, forgiveness and reconciliation…

Thus, Sion is well known in Aubagne as a congregation that specializes in the Bible and that knows the Mediterranean countries quite well.

We are studying the possibility of going on pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 2012.

Sr Genevie Vatin – Pérignon NDS