NDS in Nabeul

sr Janine and sr Ara

Sr. Janine and Sr. Ara

In a land of Islam, among the children of Abraham, in Nabeul: Janine, who taught for many years in Tunisian high schools; Aracely, who is a midwife and used to work with a maternity service and in centers for the protection of mother and child; and Agnès, who is also retired after teaching mostly in Turkey. We now belong to a Tunisian NGO, “La Voix de l’Enfant” [The Voice of the Child], which was set up in 1989 by Janine, Aracely and Tunisian friends. “La Voix de l’Enfant is an association that comes to the aid of children in difficulty and struggles against all forms of child exclusion.” This association brings us into daily contact with Tunisians. This is a dialogue that takes place in daily life. Together with Tunisians, we engage in the same struggles for the same values, we make the same wager for life.

  • sr Agnes and sr Agnes

    Sr. Agnes and Sr. Agnes

    We work in a Center that welcomes children who have been abandoned or who are are on the way, so that their biological mother might find solutions that enable her to take back her child. Some children prepare to leave and be with adoptive parents. Yet other children, whose mothers don’t want to abandon them but who don’t live in the material conditions to be able to welcome them, leave for SOS children’s villages. (Link with photographs)

  • “I have the right to my mother.” This is a project that aims at supporting, listening to and accompanying single mothers so that they can reintegrate into a society that is very severe towards them. It is a “place of listening”, of encounter and of dialogue, a “space of freedom”, which little by little enables these women to stand upright and gives them “points of reference” for taking on their life. (Link with a photomontage)
Sharing of the Word

Sharing of the Word

Rose-Anna works in Tunis. Together with her, we form one single community, that of Tunisia. She also works in the social domain. First of all, she is *a presence at Essalem, where she is “secretary general for the good running of the project ‘Women’s Hands’”. As such, she supervises or advises the personnel, and on the other hand, she welcomes young people and their mothers who come asking for help in a project for schooling or professional formation or in setting up a micro project. On the other days of the week, Rose-Anna gives her time to the association Amal** for families and children. This is an association that she helped to set up in 1992 together with Tunisian friends and which looks after single mothers. The association has a home with 18 rooms for welcoming them for a period of six months, during which they are offered various services: social, legal, psychological, professional, strengthening ties with their family and with the child’s father, etc…

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