The life of our communities in Ein Kerem

Cema and LucianoYou heard probably that our three communities welcomed a couple associated to the brothers of Sion: Luciano and Cema (Luciano has already been with us 9 months and Cema 4 months)
Luciano is a permanent deacon and serves as such in our liturgies. He loves to work in the garden and is very competent for all kind of works in the house. Cema is very appreciated in the kitchen.
They have in Brazil two daughters,22 and20 years old  and 2 grand-daughters. Very generous they enrich a lot our community life.

Carlos, brother of Sion, will join the community of the brothers in February 2013. Meanwhile  he works as secretary for the Spanish Biblical program.
Phil will be part of the community of the apostolic sisters from March 2013
And Claudia arrived in the contemplative community this week

All those arrivals make us very happy and we thank the sisters and brother welcomed for their generosity

Emy, Colette, Kasia, Anne-Catherine