Author: Andreas

Sr. Marie Claire’s Golden Jubilee

141013_claires_jubilee_01It was on the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary that the community of Gémenos chose to celebrate Sr. Marie Claire’s Golden Jubilee. This date was chosen because Diane and Agnes happened to be in Aubagne at this time and together with Genevieve, could also celebrate with them and Sr. – Read the rest

About Sukkot

141013_sukkot_02The root of the word « sukkot » expresses the idea of covering, sheltering, temporary. The most important in this construction is then the roof made of branches. A sukka is a booth or a hut. It was used to shelter the flocks (Gn 33,17), or to protect from the heat during the gathering of the crops in the fields ( Is 1,8) or from the burning sun (Jonah 4,5).Read the rest

About the Sukkah

Sukkotfeier in LinzThe sukkah is a place of the souls. It is a place of pure and personal relations to God. This relation comes from the divine soul given to every Jew which has – hopefully – been discovered (again) during Rosh Hashana and Jom Kippur. Hence, Sukkot is also the knowledge: no matter in which spiritual state a Jew finds himself personally due to the “pressure of everyday chores”, this spiritual relation always exists: we should not be afraid, we are connected to the Eternal, like a child is connected to its mother via the umbilical chord! – Read the rest

Amen – A Prayer for the World

On June 17th, Carina, Wafaa and I attended the opening night of an exhibition called “Amen – A Prayer for the World” at the Museum of Modern Art on the Cairo Opera House grounds. The exhibition was sponsored by CARAVAN, which began in Cairo in 2009 and whose mission statement is: Building bridges through the Arts between the creeds and cultures of the East and West. – Read the rest

Guatemala and its beauty

Quetzaltenango, or to use its indigenous name Xela, is the city where I am studying Spanish. Xela is at an altitude of 2.300 meters, and in the first days I felt this quite stronge as my blood pressure incrised. The region of Xela has a population of about 225.000 people. – Read the rest