About the Sukkah

Sukkotfeier in LinzThe sukkah is a place of the souls. It is a place of pure and personal relations to God. This relation comes from the divine soul given to every Jew which has – hopefully – been discovered (again) during Rosh Hashana and Jom Kippur. Hence, Sukkot is also the knowledge: no matter in which spiritual state a Jew finds himself personally due to the “pressure of everyday chores”, this spiritual relation always exists: we should not be afraid, we are connected to the Eternal, like a child is connected to its mother via the umbilical chord!

As Erich Fromm explains in his book “The Art of Loving”: every truly loving mother wants to bestow upon her child not only milk (i.e., that which is most necessary and goes without saying, love, care and responsibility) but also the honey of love, i.e., the immaterial side of love!

The sukkah combines „milk“ and „honey“!

The sukkah is a promise of the Promised Land! We know, we are well aware that HE looks after us. Lovingly and beyond that which is necessary!

(Text from the Sukkot celebration at the Synagogue of Linz, Austria, 10 October, 2014)