Sr. Marie Claire’s Golden Jubilee

141013_claires_jubilee_01It was on the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary that the community of Gémenos chose to celebrate Sr. Marie Claire’s Golden Jubilee. This date was chosen because Diane and Agnes happened to be in Aubagne at this time and together with Genevieve, could also celebrate with them and Sr. Marie Claire. The Eucharist was celebrated by the ex-Parish Priest of Aix En Provence with whom Marie Claire worked for long years. A festive lunch brought together, on one table, the sisters of Sion and Marie Claire’s guests.

The day was concluded by a community meeting when Marie Claire received gifts. Diane responded to numerous questions addressed to her on the situation in Jerusalem, the sisters and very specially the novices. Agnes also spoke of the events in Tunisia.

The sisters of Gémenos are always very desirous of the news of the Congregation of which they are an integral part.

Sr. Geneviève Vatin-Pérignon, n.d.s.