The Advent at Ein-Kerem

Retreat     We have inaugurated what we hope to be the first week-end on many others. The aim is to offer to Christians who live in this Land, French speaking (why not English speaking later on) something on Sion Charism in the frame of our house and of the village of Ein-Kerem.

In the chapel retreatThis time, we proposed the theme of “The Advent in the village of the Visitation, with Zacharia and Elisabeth, John the Baptist and Mary”:  conferences on the biblical and Jewish background of the birth of John the Baptist and of the Visitation, visit to the Holy places and the village,  encounter with  personalities  of the village…and with Father Mary in his time.

The apostolic sisters and the brothers prepared the week-end. All of us participated, either for the material frame, or the liturgy, or the teachings and visits. The contemplative sisters welcomed us for the Eucharist . They were 9 participants, which is not bad for a beginning and be given the works in one of the two guest houses which left fewer rooms available. It has been a very good experience and we are encouraged to continue.

Community of Ein Kerem