English Biblical Program, June 2014

biblical_program_2014Most of the 30 participants are now home after 28 days of studying Mark’s Gospel; walking the land and meeting and speaking with its peoples in this land we dare to call holy.
The main lecturer for the June program “Rediscover Jesus in the Land with Mark” was Br. Mark McVann fsc from USA. Mark taught with passion and conviction. The class often grappled with the struggle and rejection endured by the members of the early Markan community.

June 2014 was a very enriching month for us all. In their responses many have expressed their gratitude (I quote): “Participating in the program with this year’s group has been extraordinary and life changing”… “When I left Jerusalem I was very grateful for the opportunity to live and learn about Jesus in the land”… “I talk to my friends and family whenever I can about my limited understanding of how things are, particularly for the Palestinians, but it’s hard to explain something that I feel deeply”.

biblical_program_elio_2014This year we welcomed Mark Walsh, Sion Associate from Australian to assist in the leadership of the English Biblical programs. Mark has come to Israel to prepare for his doctoral studies and live in Ein Karem. I want to thank Mary Reaburn nds for her generosity and biblical competency here in the role as Assistant over the past seven years.

I wish to conclude with words from one of the June participants. “So, I trust that you are able to continue your wonderful work, please pass on my best wishes to the Sisters, volunteers and workers and know that you are in my prayers”.

Sr. Bernadette Lynch, NDS