Author: Agnes

Mgr. Ilario Antoniazzi

On Sunday, April 14, a huge crowd came to the cathedral from every corner of Tunisia to welcome the new Archbishop of Tunisia, Msgr. Ilario Antoniazzi, who succeeds Msgr. Maroun Lahham. He was consecrated on March 16 inElection_of_Mgr_Antoniazzi Nazareth. The Mass was very festive with many people: the old Christians of Tunisia and the very numerous African students from many French-speaking countries, many priests, and among others, nine priests and lay people who had come from the Holy Land, twelve bishops from Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Sicily and of course Msgr. – Read the rest

Peace walk in Bethlehem

On the streetIn an idyllic setting in an olive grove, the Christian community’s peace walk began in brilliant sunshine and with the chatter and delight of the young Italian peace-makers and the local Palestinian community, we said ‘yes’ to walking for justice and ‘no’ to more construction of the ten year old Wall of Separation.Read the rest

Orfi (common law) marriage in Tunisia

Common law marriage (ôrfi) seems to be gaining followers in young Salafist milieus.

Common law marriage, or “Orfi” marriage, is a new phenomenon in Tunisian society. Although it is difficult to compile a register of such cases, the phenomenon can be perceived more and more in the areas surrounding the capital and in other large cities. – Read the rest

Before the Mass

January 20 2013 in Ein Karem

Signing vows documentsThis year, January 20 was marked by our brothers Junior and Tiago’s renewal of their temporary vows and by the perpetual vows of our brother Carlos.
The new apostolic nuncio, Msgr. Giuseppe Lazarotto, presided over the celebration. More than 100 persons were present. – Read the rest