In the Footsteps of Jesus

In 28 days with 28 participants coming from 6 different countries, studied, explored, conversed, questioned, and formed community of trust and companionship as they searched together, and alone, to grapple with the Word of God in the land we call holy.

The group comprised educators, many coming from Australia who also held different positions of leadership came to Jerusalem and to Ecce Homo, prepared for serious study. Enthusiastic and keen to learn they were a delight to be with. Clare Jardine nds open the month of learning with sessions on:
Questions in preparation for – A reading of Matthew’s Gospel;
Jewish feasts and links with Christians;
Catholic – Jewish Relations and
Celebrating the Feasts: Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur.
It was so good to have Pino Di Luccio sj. back in Jerusalem after several years teaching in Rome. Pino will now be teaching the first semester at PBI and Hebrew University and the second at the Biblicum in Rome. We are very pleased that both Clare and Pino will be involved in the 2013 September program.
Excursions are integral to any program, studying a Gospel in the land in which Jesus lived has value for the participants and for an understanding of the text. It is a unique opportunity that cannot be done anywhere else. This was greatly valued by the participants, and all spoke highly of the program and their experience.
For this program I was able to be of assistance in the finances and many of the practical daily concerns that needed attention. I was also part of the 4 day Galilee experience. I felt greatly enriched to have had contact with these enthusiastic and committed people who were touched by what they had experienced and lived together. We pray that the Word of God may grow and deepen within each one, and that they will truly be able to live out their leanings, passing their passion for the Word on to others.
“In the Footsteps of Jesus” September 4 – October 1, 2012.

Sr. Trudy Nabuurs nds