Who we are

Our religious Congregation Our Lady of Sion owes its existence to the charism given to Theodore Ratisbonne. Having come to faith by the Word of God he discovered in Jesus Christ that God is love.
He was impressed from the beggining by the passeges of Scripture conncerning the destiny of the Jewish people and by the love of Jesus Christ for his own people. In the Scriptures fr. Theodore found his inspiration and an apostolic call.
The experience of his brother Alphonse on January 20, 1842 confirmed this intuition and fr. Theodore founded the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion to witness in the Church and in the world that God continues to be faithful in his love for the Jewish people and to hasten the fulfilment of the promises concerning the Jews and the Gentiles. (Const.2.)

Our vocation is characterized by the Word of God which is central in our lives.
The revelation of the Word of God in the Old Testament is the common root of Judaism and Christianity. In the Church we interpret the Scriptures in the light of the Christ event. We are also attentive to the way the Bible is interpreted by Jewish people and in their life and tradition. (Const. 3.7)

The name Our Lady of Sion chosen by the founder indicates the significance of Mary for us. Daughter of Sion par excellence, Mary lived to the full the faith and hope of her people. Having entered into the fullness fo redemption she confirms the destiny to which we are all called. (Const.9)