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Orfi (common law) marriage in Tunisia

Common law marriage (ôrfi) seems to be gaining followers in young Salafist milieus.

Common law marriage, or “Orfi” marriage, is a new phenomenon in Tunisian society. Although it is difficult to compile a register of such cases, the phenomenon can be perceived more and more in the areas surrounding the capital and in other large cities. – Read the rest

Unify Jerusalem

Harmony in the Holy Land Friday December 21, we were invite to meet at the Jaffa Gate to participated in “Harmony in the Holy Land “an event that was inspired by a global movement -synchronizing thousands of people in prayer, meditation and music events worldwide.

With a change of venue due to torrential rains in Jerusalem we crowded into a seminar room at the Tower of David. – Read the rest

“The Healing Quilt”

A Project for Palestinian and Israeli women

Over the years I have been involved in working for Peace. Here are a few glimpses.
During the morning of September 11, 2001 I participated in the Board Meeting of the Israel Interfaith Association. That same day in the early afternoon I participated in a new Executive Board that met for the first time to found the Interfaith Encounter Association (IEA) to work from the grassroots towards achieving a better understanding between Israelis and Palestinians. – Read the rest