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Easter – Pesah

Passover is the first of the three pilgrimage festivals, during which, at the time of the Temple, the Jewish people used to go up to Jerusalem in thanksgiving for the encounter with God  (Deut16/16-17  –  Ex 23/14-17) – Read the rest

Peace walk in Bethlehem

On the streetIn an idyllic setting in an olive grove, the Christian community’s peace walk began in brilliant sunshine and with the chatter and delight of the young Italian peace-makers and the local Palestinian community, we said ‘yes’ to walking for justice and ‘no’ to more construction of the ten year old Wall of Separation.Read the rest

Msgr Henrie Tessier

Mgr. Henri Teissier in Aubagne

In response to the invitation by the interfaith and non-believing group, Msgr. Teissier, Archbishop emeritus of Algiers, came to spend the day of February 21 in Aubagne.
He arrived at 10 a.m. and was welcomed by an already numerous group in the library of the Observance chapel. – Read the rest

Medical Ethics and Religions

“Giving in the various Religions”

Gift and Voluntary Help:    Jean-François MATTEI (President of the Red Cross of France)
By its very nature, a gift is freely given when it is not remunerated although this would be possible|
he gift can be material (money, some good)

  • spiritual (a word, life), and thus it can go as far as the gift of self;
  • bodily (all or part of the body), which raises ethical questions.
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Three religions

Interfaith happenings in Jerusalem


The Inter-religious Coordinating Council of Israel (ICCI) is launching several new programs for this year, under the title of “An Other Look.” These programs include

  • a weekly series on Christian Readings of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.
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