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English Biblical Program, June 2014

biblical_program_2014Most of the 30 participants are now home after 28 days of studying Mark’s Gospel; walking the land and meeting and speaking with its peoples in this land we dare to call holy.
The main lecturer for the June program “Rediscover Jesus in the Land with Mark” was Br. – Read the rest

In the Footsteps of Jesus

In 28 days with 28 participants coming from 6 different countries, studied, explored, conversed, questioned, and formed community of trust and companionship as they searched together, and alone, to grapple with the Word of God in the land we call holy. – Read the rest

The Center of Biblical Formation

On the weekend of June 3 we began to welcome the participants for the June program who had made their way from many different countries all wanting to experience the Bible in the land and more particularly to learn more about the gospel of St.Luke.

We are fortunate to have as professor, Sr. – Read the rest

Galilee lake

English Biblical Program in Galilee.

Galilee lakeOn Sunday March 4, Maureen and Trudy accompanied Bernadette and the 31 participants of the English speaking Biblical program to Galilee.

Leaving Jerusalem in heavy rain we were delighted to see the sun once we reached the Jordan Valley and this glorious weather continued for the whole week.   – Read the rest

In classroom EBP

Winter Biblical Programs in Ecce Homo

Spanish program:

In dining room SPBWith the arrival of secretary Br. Carlos Vasconcelos nds, assisting Br. Elio Passeto Director of the program, we knew we were in for a very lively and well prepared Spanish Biblical Program. Our congratulations to Carlos for the wonderful ministry, as he guided and ‘skipped’ with our Spanish and Portuguese speakers, supporting them through a very successful month here in Ecce Homo. – Read the rest