Alexandria.“FANCY CLOTHES.”

Wafaa with her teamThe past year part of Wafaa’s program has been to go to a sewing Workshop called “Fancy clothes”.
Wafaa is part of a group of 17 women both Christian and Muslim who are part of this workshop. They make all types of clothing including different types of Gowns and Mortarboards for graduations. They also make all types of animal costumes  that are used for drama classes. Due to Wafaa’s previous experience Wafaa is able to assist in all the aspects of the tasks.  At times it requires sewing, cutting, putting on the accessories or decorations etc.
The women almost all have families so they work very hard to support their families and often take work home in order to supplement the meager salary. There is a good spirit in the place and very good relations among the women.
Recently Oonah visited Egypt and visited Wafaa at her workplace. The women were delighted to have a foreigner come to visit them at their work.