Victoria in Nabeul

On the 1st of August the community of Nabeul had the joy of welcoming Carina for one week. She accompanied Victoria (Novice from Egypt) who came for a time of life in another community. Victoria stayed with us from Aug. 1st to Sept. 3rd, shared our prayer, work, conversations, etc.

Every morning she used to take the car at 8.30 am to go the the Creche (nursery)  to take care  of the babies (feeding bottles, games  etc.) until 1.30pm.  She loved   her work and was very appreciated by the Director Saloua and all the personnel, who discovered in her an open and responsible woman.   She felt at ease with us being able to speak the Egyptian Arabic  that the Tunisians can understand – thanks to the films screened on the TV.  This provided a possibility to talk and to exchange ideas.  For us the communication was more difficult because we spoke Tunisian (which she could not understand at the beginning), or English  which has such difficulties so gestures were used most often. One day she wanted to know which meat we shall eat that day (it was turkey).   We explained to her “donkey.”  You should  have seen her horrified face, then we tried to correct our mistake and said that it was “monkey.”   That was the limit! Then out came the dictionary – that was our help.  She then understood that we ate “turkey!”

Victoria found the Muslim women  very open, intelligent and with whom she could communicate very well. She also participated in different ceremonies – The Aid, weddings, circumcision etc. She loved Saloua, the Director very much. She guided Victoria in her work, and with whom she  could communicate well. Saloua keeps a good memory of her.
In community she showed herself attentive, welcoming and helpful even though it was not always easy.

Sr.Agnès Perrin NDS

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