Unify Jerusalem

Harmony in the Holy Land Friday December 21, we were invite to meet at the Jaffa Gate to participated in “Harmony in the Holy Land “an event that was inspired by a global movement -synchronizing thousands of people in prayer, meditation and music events worldwide.

With a change of venue due to torrential rains in Jerusalem we crowded into a seminar room at the Tower of David. Spiritual leaders from the Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Druze communities, along with musicians from the Abrahamic faiths offered prayers, inspirational messages and sacred music.

Harmony in the Holy Land We then made our way (in the rain) to sacred sites throughout the Old City of Jerusalem. Leaders of Islam, Christianity and Judaism shared prayers for peace from sacred sites including The Dome of the Rock/Noble Sanctuary, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and The Western Wall. All this went out LIVE from Jerusalem to the world, we were linked throughout the world to pray for peace, love, compassion and healing. It was truly inspirational and perfect timing for such an event.

Rita and Larry Navkowski wrote “We have been praying with the whole world and we were watching video of prayer around the world and were really excited to see you in Jerusalem!”

Prayer for unityLocations holding prayer events include Byron Bay, Dublin, New York City, Los Angeles, Giza, Chitzen Itza, Guatemala, Peru, Chiang Mai, and more.

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