To my Sion Communities

Dear Sisters,

headlines in all news channels: Pope Benedict XVI. resigns! Pope Benedict XVI, voluntarily gave up his office! And before we look around the corner we got a new Pope Franziscus! For the first time a Jesuit and with a name relating to St. Francis and this time from Latin America! Our catholic world is so much larger then only Europe!

And the Revolutions in the Arab countries continue to hit the news channels, where people ask for freedom, bread and social justice and with this also comes an increase of fundamentalism. The Islamic World between fundamentalism and freedom, differences of values and of social justice!

A young Muslim blogger asks: “What is the contribution of the Islamic countries in the third Millennium for the development of mankind?” When we look at the history of the Golden Age of the Muslim world (ninth to eleventh century), Islam has made a great contribution, in poetry, art, medicine and science. But this door was closed in the eleventh century by rulers of the Islamic world. And fundamentalism took over the thinking and the actions within the Islamic world.

All these events that are happening every day, I can only say with amazement that I live in a time where history is written!

The announcement from Rome of my appointment for the role of directress of novices in the new international noviciate in Jerusalem 2014 just arrived. It took not long and a wonderful support of sisters around the world followed, with encouraging words and congratulations which sound like this:

„The special love for the Jewish People, the Bible and the poor unites our charisma in you in a deep and meaningful way. As a women full of faith, hope and courage you are a pillar of trust and support.“

Others wrote how happy they are for the „Yes“, I and the communities in Egypt are saying and that this decision surly was not easily made.

“We know that you will do well as you will put your entire heart into it. The generosity of the “Yes” made by you and the Communities in Egypt makes us all very happy for this important ministry in the congregation.”

Some used quotations from the Bible in supporting there congratulations.

I would like to share with you a verse from the Bible which I move in my head and heart since the day of retreat with Sr. Darlene. She helped us hearing to Go’ds word and thinking about how life should be going to continue in Egypt and especially in Berba from where our vocations are coming from.

“Jesus said to Matthew sitting at the collection booth «Follow me!» and he got up and followed him.” Matthew 9:9

He got up and followed him! No comments where made, no questions asked! No explanation is given and no looking back, or forward! Very simple, he, Matthew got up and followed Jesus as if he had nothing else to do! Or maybe he was just sitting at his collection booth, waiting for the question to be asked. Is Jesus showing us here a way of vocational work? Should we similar to his question dare to ask: “Did you ever think of entering religious life?”

For me, looking at my obedience, this call of Matthew feels also like as if I don’t have anything else to do as to follow Jesus, when being asked to let go Berba and Egypt.

I would like to thank all the sisters for the encouraging words and support in prayer!

Sr. Juliana from Berba-Egypt