The Staff Celebration of Trudy’s Jubilee.

On Saturday May 26 the staff of Ecce Homo with the two local communities of Notre Dame de Sion and Chemin Neuf gathered in Salle de Sion to give thanks for Trudy’s 50 years commitment in Sion. Trudy shared a little of her initial and ongoing call to and in Sion and her journey over this half a century of service and especially the past 16 years lived in Ecce Homo and what this call had meant for her to be called to Jerusalem. She mentioned the many joys experienced with those present and pain especially, the sorrow and the absence of peace in the Holy Land.

Maureen had arranged a simple and beautiful centre peace with the bible and the Koran in Salle de Sion, the room where the story of Sion’s beginnings in Jerusalem are displayed. In the presence of Christian and Muslim members of staff we prayed. Maha read from St John’s Gospel ch.15: 12-17, a favourite text of Trudy. This was followed by a reading by Ziad who prayed a prayer for peace based on a prayer of the Prophet Mohammed.

This precious moment where we paused to give thanks, before a festive Palestinian meal, Christian and Muslim staff prayed together. It was very meaningful and much appreciated to be able to gather and give thanks and to pray for peace. We then moved to the dining room and during the celebratory lunch prepared by the staff, Trudy was presented with beautiful roses and a small banner embroidered by Palestinian women with the words “Jerusalem for your Peace we pray” The love and friendship between the Staff and Trudy was visible with some tears of deep joy and grateful hearts. This special day was enjoyed and will be remembered by all.