The Feast of Christ the King

Christ the King feast in Ecce Homo

Christ the King feast in Ecce Homo

On behalf of Ecce Homo community Sr. Rita Kammermayer NDS and Mrs. Gilda Favretto CCN, Directress of Ecce Homo, welcomed the many friends, past pupils and guests who had come from near and far to celebrate the feast of Christ the King in the Basilica of Ecce Homo.

It was a pleasure to have with us the French Consul, Monsieur and Madame Desagnaux, whom we have now come to know well. Priests from several local communities including, a Bishop from Moldavia. Msgr. Anton Corsa, Bishop of Chisniau, joined with His Excellency, William Shomali, Auxiliary Bishop for Palestine who presided at the table of the Lord. Later in Salle de Sion all enjoyed afternoon tea and we were pleased to meet Bishop Corsa and talk with him about our sisters and our communities in Romania.

For both communities – the Sisters of Notre Dame de Sion and the Community of Chemin Neuf, the Volunteers and the Staff, many of whom were present – it was a lovely day of celebration. The joint preparation once again gave us the opportunity to share our gifts, talents and generosity. It was a day to give thanks as we brought closure to the liturgical year and another year of our ministry of collaboration in Ecce Homo.

The ‘Reign of God’ is visible when we strive together to ‘go’ and to live the call and challenge of today’s Gospel: to seek justice, to be women of peace, to welcome the hungry, to take time with the stranger, to speak for the voiceless and for all those who are held in fear.

Sr Bernadette Lynch NDS