The Center of Biblical Formation

On the weekend of June 3 we began to welcome the participants for the June program who had made their way from many different countries all wanting to experience the Bible in the land and more particularly to learn more about the gospel of St.Luke.

We are fortunate to have as professor, Sr. Dr. Mary Coloe, a sister of the Presentation from Australia, who will be teaching about 26 to 28 hours during this program. We are delighted to have 35 very keen enthusiastic participants who are delightful and a joy to have.


Their program is very full as over and above lectures on The Gospel of St Luke, the Participants  also spend time in the desert and Galilee as well as benefiting from teachers like Debbi Wiseman for the program on Yad Vashem, Fr. Frans Bouwen on the spirituality of Islam and Oriental churches and Mary Reaburn on the texts of Nostrae Aetate.. Both Jewish and Christian guides will take them to visit Bethlehem, other Christian sites as well as some Jewish sites, and a visit to an Erev Shabbat Synagogue service.

An afternoon and evening was also included to visit the churches in ein karem and then to Notre Dame de Sion where Kasia gave a explanation of NDS Ein Karem, which was followed by a meal.