Saint Vincent de Paul – Cairo

Groupe d'enfantsAs well as teaching at the Maronite School, being responsible for Beit Maryem I am involved in the Saint Vincent the Paul here in Daher, Cairo.

In Saint Vincent de Paul I am the Spiritual director. We have 37 families and these families need lots of care and attention. Each family hasaround 5 to 9 people in the same house or a basement of a building. Through donations we help them to care for their children by assisting with their educations, healthcare, private lessons and for their daily living expenses. We gather once a week each Friday for around 2 hours. We discuss their needs, we visit them and from time to time we gather for fun times, especially during  the feasts. We have just celebrated a most enjoyable Christmas party with Carols, gift and good food.

During the summer holidays, we organize a camp for a week depending on how much finance is available for camps. We find to have just 4 days  and nights is not enough. We take children from 3 years old until 23 years old. Most of the people who help me are volunteers, doctors, engineers, teachers, commercial workers etc. This is a very special recreational time for all and a true break so much needed and appreciated.

Sr. Carina – NDS   from the Cairo community.