Meeting of the Sisters of the Network of Nabeul

Repas des soeurs de SionOn the 23rd May  after the retreat at la Marsa  with Mgr. Rault, Bishop of Sahara, all the sisters left for Nabeul.  Janine, Mireille, Andree went by car with Aracely as the driver, as for Monique, Darlene and myself  we took the TGM, then the metro and finally a bus to reach Nabeul after two and a half hours.   Genevieve and Rose Anna came also.  We were together nine of us at Nabeul for a sionian meeting.
It was a very pleasant  meeting with joy for being together for the day. We exchanged our views of the different countries within out network – Tunisia and Egypt following the Revolution and the efforts to build their democracy.  It is a period of both hope and deception for the population.  We spoke of  the movement of solidarity and the moments of conscientious. We also shared on the life of our sisters of Gemenos, on the life of the Network, and of what we live in our countries. It seems that it is very important for us to meet in little groups, to exchange views and to share our richness.
Sr.Agnès Perrin NDS