Interfaith happenings in Jerusalem


The Inter-religious Coordinating Council of Israel (ICCI) is launching several new programs for this year, under the title of “An Other Look.” These programs include

  • a weekly series on Christian Readings of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. Fr. David Neuhaus sj.(given in Hebrew):
  • a monthly clip screening and discussion series on “Living Together in the same Land”. (English.)
  • a monthly series of encounters with local Religious Leaders. (Hebrew)

Interfaith meetingsBernadette, Maureen and I went to the first session titled “Understanding Each Other—Palestinian and Jewish Perspective.” We had a very stimulating and informative discussion after each film clip. The different aspects that were highlighted were:

  • The fear of some of the Israelis as they drive through West Bank areas to reach their Settlement;
    The stereotyping of Palestinians;
  • An interview with what seemed to be an ordinary educated Palestinian about his life and his family and their experience under occupation, just before he became a suicide bomber.
  • Demolition of Palestinian homes and the eviction of a Jewish family who were then taken in by a Palestinian family for several months.

Interfaith meetings

Those present were, Israelis, Palestinians and expatriates, and it was great to hear the honesty expressed and the acknowledgement of  the injustices that are so obvious and that those of us present deeply regret. It is a tremendous initiative to gather peoples of other faith to share some of the concerns that are blocks to peace.

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We as a community are members of a Jewish Christian Dialogue Group called “Rainbow. For this year the theme we have chosen is a monthly presentation on a psalm used in both Jewish and Christian liturgies. We alternate each month-when there is a Christian presenter there is a response from a Jew and vice versa. We can always be assured that it is a provoking and stimulating discussion.  We are grateful for the ease and honesty with which we can meet and discuss many issues


Sr. Trudy Nabuurs NDS