English Biblical Program 2014

Walking “In the Footsteps of Jesus” with the September/October class of 2014 was a time of Pilgrimage one dreams about but not too often are one’s dreams realized. With a strong contingent from Australia, the group represented 10 different countries from around the world. Following introductions on our first and second day, Mark Walsh led the class in a session on “Approaching the Word” and “The Word and Charism of NDS”. The first excursion took them off to Mt Scopus, seeing the immediacy of the wilderness, Jordan in the distance and then looking across the Kedron Valley to Jerusalem from the Mt of Olives. One participant described this excursion as looking from the outside in. Later he would describe the guided walk around the Old City’s neighbourhoods as – inside looking in.

Dr. Michael Trainor – priest from Adelaide Archdiocese was the key Lecturer “Engaging the Gospel of Mark” Michael also accompanied us as “Teacher & Educator” on our 4 days in Galilee. From the southern tip of the Lake of Galilee we travelled over the Golan Heights. Much appreciated was the magnificent vistas of Jordan and then passing by the Syrian border on to the Ancient City of Dan. We viewed the people and land from several vantage points along the way, where possible pausing to pray for the many people suffering because of the ongoing wars in this region.

The richness of the experience was a blessing. The participants came to love Mark’s Gospel and to understand the relationship between the land, the people and the Word. Our pilgrims have now returned to their homes ready to share the Word of God in their various ministries.

Sr. Bernadette Lynch, n.d.s.