La Solitude

La Solitude Community

La Solitude Community

Together with our apostolic sisters and brothers, our Solitude community

experiences the unity of Scripture,
the First and the New Testament,
in the place of encounter between John the Baptist and Jesus
through their mothers Mary and Elizabeth;

remembers history’s journey,
ever since Abraham and the election of Israel,
towards the fulfillment of God’s promises
for the whole of humanity,
fulfillment that has begun through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  •  through the liturgy of the Office,
  • through the daily celebration of the Eucharist,
  • through personal and community study and meditation of Scripture,
  • by watching in prayer and adoration

brings before God
all that dwells in the hearts of human beings
by singing the Psalms in Hebrew,
the language of the Bible – and here, the language of daily life;

participates through its silent work (the laundry)
in the welcome offered by our brothers and sisters,
a welcome that contributes to breaking down prejudice and distrust,
in order to give space to respect of the other in his and her difference;

tries to live from day to day
the love and reconciliation,
which it calls down upon Jerusalem

La Solitude, Ein Kerem 2012