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Transform work into ministry

140922_ebw_sheepWe were three in Berba: Gosia, Sr. Darlene and I. Each one did something different from the other. Gosia did art work. I made masks and later did hats and caps for the children. What I learned was how to transform my work into a ministry. Sr. Darlene did bible study and helped and encouraged us. – Read the rest

Activities in Berba

140922_ebd_mottomar_cups_hatsOn June 30, Wafaa, Gosia (a Polish volunteer) and I went to Berba for 6 weeks of apostolic activities in the village. Gosia’s presence was a real gift for us and for the village. Each of us had our particular focus: Gosia did art projects with the children in the Children’s Summer Club in the garden and for the catechetical sessions; Wafaa used some of the sewing skills she has learned in her work of the last 2 years in Alexandria and Cairo and also took part in the catechetical sessions; part of my role was to organize Gosia’s activities (materials needed, schedules, groups, helpers, etc.). – Read the rest

News of Gemenos May – June 2014

repas_sionHere are some news of Gemenos that we would like to share with you. Since the installation of our chapel and the inauguration of the beautiful stained – glass window, given by Sion to Flor d’Arc, we have the Eucharist three times a week. The other days we go to the Parish. – Read the rest

Biblical Spirituality in Sion

Our biblical spirituality in Sion is based on the daily study of the Word of God, a study  enlightened by the Jewish Tradition because it was to the Jewish People that God spoke to first. This spirituality should be shared with others: associates, friends and all those who thirst for the Word (Constitutions)

ein_kerem_parashaIn Ein Karem we try to study the Word of God regularly together: apostolic sisters, brothers, associates, occasionally novices and volunteers when the language permits. – Read the rest