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About the Sukkah

Sukkotfeier in LinzThe sukkah is a place of the souls. It is a place of pure and personal relations to God. This relation comes from the divine soul given to every Jew which has – hopefully – been discovered (again) during Rosh Hashana and Jom Kippur. Hence, Sukkot is also the knowledge: no matter in which spiritual state a Jew finds himself personally due to the “pressure of everyday chores”, this spiritual relation always exists: we should not be afraid, we are connected to the Eternal, like a child is connected to its mother via the umbilical chord! – Read the rest

The Eve of the Day of Kippur

The Kol Nidrei (all the vows), which opens the day of Kippur in the evening, has an obscure origin. It asks God to annul the oaths that people could do from this Yom Kippur until the next one. It has been thought that it comes from the times of the Maranas, the Jews of Spain (15th century) who were forced to receive Baptism, or die or be exiled. – Read the rest

Feast of Rosh Ha Shanah

The pilgrimage festivals are concentrated on seeing, the feasts of Rosh Hashanah and Kippur on listening. In fact there was and there is still much to see, to feel, to touch, on the occasion of each one of those festivals, Pesah, Shavuot and above all Sukkot. – Read the rest

Interfaith Life in Aubagne

pique_nique_01This year 2014 started well with the performance of “Pierre et Mohamed”. More than 250 people of all religions responded to our group’s invitation and listened in eloquent silence to the beautiful dialogue between the Bishop of Oran and his young chauffeur. – Read the rest

English Biblical Program, June 2014

biblical_program_2014Most of the 30 participants are now home after 28 days of studying Mark’s Gospel; walking the land and meeting and speaking with its peoples in this land we dare to call holy.
The main lecturer for the June program “Rediscover Jesus in the Land with Mark” was Br. – Read the rest