Author: Juliana

English Biblical Program 2014

Walking “In the Footsteps of Jesus” with the September/October class of 2014 was a time of Pilgrimage one dreams about but not too often are one’s dreams realized. With a strong contingent from Australia, the group represented 10 different countries from around the world. – Read the rest

Gosia Mrówczyńska’s time in Berba

140922_ebg_map 140922_ebg_children_with_artworkAlthough finding myself in Upper Egypt is still a mystery for me, I have no doubt that these 6 weeks in the lovely village called Berba are a gift from God. Drawing and painting has always given me a lot of joy and peace, so I found the opportunity of sharing this experience with children very promising. – Read the rest

Transform work into ministry

140922_ebw_sheepWe were three in Berba: Gosia, Sr. Darlene and I. Each one did something different from the other. Gosia did art work. I made masks and later did hats and caps for the children. What I learned was how to transform my work into a ministry. Sr. Darlene did bible study and helped and encouraged us. – Read the rest

Activities in Berba

140922_ebd_mottomar_cups_hatsOn June 30, Wafaa, Gosia (a Polish volunteer) and I went to Berba for 6 weeks of apostolic activities in the village. Gosia’s presence was a real gift for us and for the village. Each of us had our particular focus: Gosia did art projects with the children in the Children’s Summer Club in the garden and for the catechetical sessions; Wafaa used some of the sewing skills she has learned in her work of the last 2 years in Alexandria and Cairo and also took part in the catechetical sessions; part of my role was to organize Gosia’s activities (materials needed, schedules, groups, helpers, etc.). – Read the rest

The Eve of the Day of Kippur

The Kol Nidrei (all the vows), which opens the day of Kippur in the evening, has an obscure origin. It asks God to annul the oaths that people could do from this Yom Kippur until the next one. It has been thought that it comes from the times of the Maranas, the Jews of Spain (15th century) who were forced to receive Baptism, or die or be exiled. – Read the rest